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and I’m locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me [x]

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Gillian Anderson photographed by Max Abadian.

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"Now, look, I get that we’re all a ragtag bunch of ramblers here. But my guess is tonight’s not gonna have a Scooby-Doo ending."

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Forgive me, for all the things I did but mostly for the ones that I did not.
by Donna Tartt, The Secret History (via camilla-macauley)
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Photographed by Paolo Roversi for Maison Dauphin

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A Vision of Fire - Prologue
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make me choose

↳ em-em-lee asked: apollo or icarus

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aesthete [es-theet]
by (noun) An individual who professes to be a lover of all things beautiful in life. An aesthete has a great eye and a developed sensitivity for the finer things in the world. They wildly appreciate art, and are connoisseurs of refinement, style and delicacy: all things lovely in life. They are visual creatures with an ardent desire to make their world beautiful. They love to explore all fields of aesthetics, such as blogging, interior design, art, fashion, painting and many more. (via meduesa)
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Gillian Anderson for Red magazine.

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